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June 1st, 2023 - A new routine

So yesterday I plotted out my "ideal week" on a new Google calendar. A suggestion from this video by Ali Abdaal. The reason for doing this is because recently I've felt like I'm not pushing myself enough to dedicate more time to the things I want to be working on. Chief among them, writing more.

Too often I find myself not knowing what to do with my time and so filling it with useless activity that accomplishes nothing. Following a calendar is something I've tried before and really not enjoyed as it always felt too restrictive but I'm going to give this another go.

This morning I've clocked in just under 2 hours of writing time thanks to the new routine. Sticking to that means I'll get 14 hours of writing a week done... which sounds insane compared to what I'm currently on. It's a big jump up. I'm hoping practice will make it easier. But right now I feel much better for having done those 2 hours of writing and still having the bulk of the day ahead of me for whatever else needs doing.

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