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June 12, 2023 - first draft struggles

Today I've added about 200 words to my current work in progress as a result of around 2 hours at my desk. Not a great day for that story.

I always struggle getting first drafts to completion and the struggle is repeating on this one. I've had a firm idea in my head for a while that I want to write a transformation story. I know what the transformation is going to be, and how that part is going to be written. The struggle comes with the story that causes the transformation. I knew it was going to be rooted in anxiety, with the transformation coming in as an escape from the anxieties this particular individual is facing. The challenge I'm finding is the story that leads up to the transformation so that it feels like an inevitable conclusion, instead of a tacked on fix it all gimmick. I'm trying to build in causality that makes it feel part of the whole.

I have around 3000 words drafted so far and probably another 6000 or so in previous drafts. I started this idea in September 2022 and it has gone through several iterations. The draft I'm in at present feels the closest to the form its meant to take, but its that elusive middle which is escaping me in this first draft. Persistence is all I can throw at it for now.


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