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November 24th 2022 - Doing My Actual Job

Had a day where my actual day job sidelined some writing I wanted to get done today. But I guess that's the gambit of trying to write whilst working full-time. I have some time this evening but I always feel more sapped trying to write after day job work.

Side note - I never liked the idea of writing whilst working - it always felt like I was cheating somebody somehow... but I found Jem Calder talking about this on the BrickLane Bookshop Podcast and I found his words very helpful.

This evening I finally managed to do the 200 in 50 exercise. Just in time as I'm due to meet my writer friend tomorrow where we'll compare second attempts.

Here's mine:

The Noah Network

The Noah network worried.

One Noah, named Noah, worried a lot.

Noah had never seen a badger. Or a hedgehog.

It was not his kind of thing. He was not that kind of Noah.

Now the network said to collect two of each. Two of each wild thing.

He was glad to be some where, where the wild things were not too wild.

He had to find them. Two of each badger and two of each hedgehog. Were there different kinds?... Different kinds of badgers and different kinds of hedgehogs?

The Floods.

That was the thing.

Floods. Floods. Floods.

The network worried.

The floods were not kind.

Noah worried he had left things too late. How was he to find two of each badger, two of each hedgehog and two of each other wild thing, when he had never seen a badger or a hedgehog?

Some Noah’s said it was already too late. Some Noah’s had already seen the flood. Their wild things had already been lost.

Their badgers lost.

Their hedgehogs lost.

Noah had never said the things he worried about to others.

The thing he worried and worried and worried…

He worried he’d be better named something different.


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