Primrose Email

From early 2020 I have had sole responsibility for the Primrose newsletter. We average 10 communications each month to an audience of around 400k customers. The process involves planning communications, briefing designs, creating segments, sending the emails and gathering data for analysis and future planning. During my time I have been able to maintain an average open rate of around 28% and a click-through rate of 5%.

Working in Dotdigital

Campaigns are built directly into Dotdigital using their drag and drop interface. I will brief any required assets into the designer and work with them to ensure each email maintain a persuasive flow and easy to navigate design. At this stage I would also start to implement any testing such as A/B content tests or dynamic content blocks. 

Design, Write Copy and Build

Whilst building the email I will generate copy for the campaign. This includes everything from the subject line to the footer terms and conditions.  You can view a few snippets from past emails below. 

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Autumn prep (1).jpg
Plants Promos (1).jpg
Christmas Trees 2020 (1).jpg
Mobile Optimised.jpg
Optimise and Send

I will ensure the campaign is optimised for desktop and mobile using Dotdigitals own functionality and rendering tools from Litmus.

Analyse and Plan Ahead

At the end of each week and month I pull campaign data from Dotdigital and Google Analytics to create a report for key stakeholders. This is great for communicating how Primrose email is performing internally but also a great tool for spotting trends to inform our future plans.