Plant Theory Instagram

From February to July 2020 I took sole responsibility of the Instagram account @plant_theory_grow. In a short time, I increased the follower count by 181%, achieved a more consistent number of likes and comments, made the account a shoppable sales channel and increased the average times the profile was viewed per week from 16 times to 300. Plant Theory is an own-brand company for Primrose which launched a new range of products centred around sustainable grow-your-own. The range has come to include grow-your-own kits, house plants, vegetable seed packs and outdoor plants.   

Creating A Plan

Posting was concentrated around product launch with only occasional posting taking place afterwards. I changed this with a simple google sheet with a tab for each month, setting out a plan to post 2-3 times per week to establish a more regular schedule. Once a consistent plan was created I transferred this the platform Later so that posting could become automated. The scheduling and preview tools within Later became helpful in creating a consistent feel across the channel both in terms of aesthetic and content focus. 

Social Plan.png
Gathering Analytics.png
Gathering Analytics

I used Iconosquare and Instagrams own Insights to get a better understanding of the Plant Theory audience viewing habits and adapted future content accordingly. This helped to highlight which posts types received the most engagement, where the majority of my audience was based and subsequently what accounts they usually interacted with. 

Social SEO

With more consistent posting I progressed onto targeting the demographics I felt suitable to the Plant Theory brand and upcoming product releases. I discovered there was an active community of allotment owners within the UK that would be perfect for an upcoming range of vegetable seed kits. I started liking and commenting within certain hashtags such as #growyourownuk and #ukallotments to extend the reach of the Plant Theory account and gain more visibility for the brand, giving it a place within that community.

Gathering User Generated Content

Within the hashtags that I was engaging, I identified several accounts that could assist with helping to increase the visibility of the Plant Theory brand. I reached out to these allotment owners offering them some free samples of upcoming seed kit products. When this content was posted and Plant Theory was tagged in posts and stories our follower count surged upward and engagement was up. In turn, it provided our account with content we could repost and large names within the community whose followers we could extend our brand and content towards. 

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User Generated Content.png
Directing Towards A Sale 

To ensure that new followers remained engaged I posted with a focus on content and imagery. I connected the account to the Facebook product catalogue for Primrose which allowed me to add shoppable links directly to posts so customers could shop directly from Instagram. I also incorporated a Linktree within our bio to that we could direct customers to several different outlets including the Plant Theory site and blog, the Primrose sales channel and the Amazon sales channel. The Linktree is regularly updated to reflect the changing content of the main feed. 

Shoppable Channel.png