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At the start of 2020 I began work with a Sussex based company Home Tanners to upgrade their digital presence. They provide a variety of tanning beds for home hire to private customers but were struggling due an outdated digital presence they had little control over. My aim for Home Tanners was to get control back into the hands of the business owners and provide them with the tools to communicate effectively with a modern audience. Since relaunching the site in July 2020 Home Tanners has risen on SERPs for key search terms and is often on the first page if not the first result. You can view the full site here: Home Tanners.

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A New Look For A Modern Product

Based on the information gathered from competitor analysis and a detailed run through of the key business messaging a new brand identity began to emerge. Key parts of this included a new logo and colour scheme to give a unified look to the site. We also reshot photos of the products to better compete with other companies who used basic manufacturer images. Later in the process the page design and copy was adjusted to accomodate data gathered from Google Analytics and Hotjar. 

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White, Red and Orange Badge Recess Food
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White, Red and Orange Badge Recess Food
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Getting Home Tanners Found
With the site and business given a new look and a clearer approach to displaying the information customers needed, the focus shifted to making sure the new Home Tanners was found online. I tackled this on a few different fronts to give the best chance of success. I ensured all my on site content was SEO optimised whilst still being relevant and informative, I added in relevant meta tags and descriptions but I also added structured data to the pages to increase the chances of the site being picked up for Google features or snippets. 
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Guide The Customer To A Sale

The final thing I wished to implement with Home Tanners was an automated chat bot. One of the primary issues the company faced was too many phone calls that didn't result in a sale; instead the owner was hassled with customers asking information that they couldn't find on the site. After ensuring this information was easy to find I installed a chatbot with a written script that answers the most common queries customers have and only provides a phone number once the options have been exhausted. The chatbot has had a lot of interactions and Home Tanners has since experienced far fewer phone calls with a higher conversion rate of calls to home hires.